Help! My shop have some issues and I don’t know where to start fixing them.

Hey guys,

First of all, thanks for spending your value time to check out my post. I am writing this out of despair and hopelessness.

I have a shopify store that sells mountain bike apparel. Mostly shirts, caps, stickers. I've gotten 3 sales directly from the shop and others from my local friends since I started the shop last year.

At the moment, I am living on my saving and it's running low yet the shop yield no significant results. I don't know how I should prioritize my energy to yield the best results. There are just many things on my plate and I can't afford to hire anyone yet cuz the business is still on life support.

Here are the 3 biggest things that have been on my mind but not sure which one should I focus on.

1/ I've designed all the shirts and hats myself. Designing more product to post on the store is a must but I am not sure how much time should I spend on this because the other 2 issues below also need my attentions.

2/ The shopify page is extremely basic, that only shows the products, no banners, no about us, nothing much. Should I spend time and energy to make it looks better? Here's the link to the shop

3/ My Facebook page was hacked earlier this year, it's an important marketing channel to me. Right now I only have the Instagram account left (the page is gone) and even the instagram account is shadow banned here and there (see photo below).

Anyone who has to deal with Facebook customer services knows it's a crucial pain to deal with them. Should I even spend time trying to fix this or just utilize what is left of it?

I really need some opinions. What would you do if you're in my chair? How do you prioritize, how do you allocate your efforts, time and money. After having been running the thing half ass for a year, I have like around $1000 left to fund this business and I don't know how to best spend them to yield results.

Any advices/opinions are appreciated, even the cruel ones. I am …pretty desperate right now, ngl.

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