correct way to deal with “i didnt receive the order” scenario

I have a small store that's done a couple thousand orders since launch. Product is £20. For single orders I don't even bother getting tracked postage. I just send it with a first class stamp because IMHO I will just throw good money at getting tracking when 99.9% orders go to customers without issue.

This one customer from Israel ordered and I had a odd feeling about it. It was odd because it's a product that is sold by so many different companies, so I dont know why they're ordering from a UK company.

Just to lay my suspicion at ease I looked at tracked delivery, it was £12. I thought forget it. I charge the £2 shipping, I'm not going to spend £10 out of my pocket. to pay to insure it.

Low and behold a week later on a Sunday, he emails to ask what is the tracking info, I didn't receive it. I didn't reply. Then the next day he replies "I sent you an email several days ago, you have not replied, where is my item?". So I asked them to wait a few more weeks, maybe his country customs is being slow.

Now it's been a month since the order, still saying he hasm't received it. It's just odd to me. Israel is not a 3rd world country where postal workers will steal stuff.

I just send the guy 1 line email saying raise the issue with the payment processor I will deal through them.

I feel like this customer may be just scamming other retailers – ordering stuff and claiming they didn't receive it and getting refund. So I want them to make a claim with stripe and I will send the details to stripe maybe stripe have a record of them doing this.

Or should I just refund? Do stripe have dispute fees? I know paypal dont.

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