Flower or Sauce business?

Hi everyone! I’m on the verge of quitting my full-time job to finally venture out to start my own business, a dream I’ve been dreaming for a while. However, as a newbie dipping my toes into the world of entrepreneurship, I’ve encountered a common newbie confusion – which idea to focus on? I’ll do my research and home work for sure, but I would like to hear some insights from people with experience.

Naturally, I think my business venture should be something I enjoy doing and am good at doing, and I have two main hobbies that I’ve been training/practicing/just enjoying doing for years – flower arrangements and cooking. I’ve done wedding bouquets for my friends a couple times (at a discounted fee) and my cooking has always been praised by my friends over the years. Consequently, I’ve been thinking starting either a bouquet box service or a bottle sauce business. I have a somewhat decent amount of savings, but I’d rather not to quickly burn all my savings and prefer to start small on a project that has a higher profit margin which can quickly provide a steady living income and ideally scale up with no difficulty. Which one of the ideas, flower arrangement box or bottle sauce business, would you think is easier to start small and turn into a living income, and ideally can scale up after initial success? I appreciate all kinds of experience, insights and advice. Thank you!!

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