How important are descriptive product names?

Long story short I'm making a line of physical products based on color palettes (a collection of colors, not like the things artists put paint on). I'm now stuck on a naming strategy for these products.

On one hand, I can come up with a unique and descriptive name for each one like a palette of blues and oranges can be "Beach Sunrise" or purples and blacks can be "Twilight Mist", etc. However, I feel like that can be very limiting since not every color combo has an obvious name. Like a certain black, green, yellow, blue palette might look nice but I'd have no idea what to call it. This would also make it a lot slower to release new products as I'd have to not only create palettes that look nice which is very easy, but also only create ones that I could name well which is relatively difficult.

I'm wondering if instead, I should just adopt a simple naming strategy like "Palette #0001", "Palette #0002", etc. and rely on the product photos to do the heavy lifting. Removing any limitations of which palettes I can choose and speeding up the whole process, but obviously making the product name less catchy.

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