How to Avoid Coupon Sites Utilizing Affiliate Codes

If you offer an affiliate program, whereby the affiliates are given a promo code to give to customers, how do you prevent the issue of coupon sites scraping the promo code/signing up for their own promo codes and earning continual commissions on sales they didn't earn?

The problem with affiliate promo codes is they don't expire, so when a coupon site gets hold of a promo code of another affiliate/or themselves (if they become an affiliate), it won't expire.

The real problem here, though, is that many customers will search "yoursite + coupon" in Google. This could perhaps be as high as 50% of every customer that comes to your store.

This leads to a situation where customers are coming to your store from your own personal advertising efforts, half are searching for a coupon ahead of time, and then these coupon sites are capturing affiliate commissions on 50% of all of your sales.

I could see this leading to a situation where it makes the affiliate program not worth it, as more sales are likely to occur from organic users searching for coupon codes from these coupon sites rather than genuine affiliates turning them onto your site.

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