Logos, fonts and copy right

Hello guys,

I posted this in another sub as well, hope it doesn't annoy anyone.I'm trying to understand what the praxis is out there… I'm on my way to launch a brand and the logo is going to be inspired by a brand within clothing, although a completely different niche.

I've seen brands mimicking each other in many occasions, Guess, gucci, Channel for example are very similar. Adidas and airbnb are also very similar although competing in different branches.

When i go to a brands 'terms and coniditons' page I can read things like " you are not allowed to modify material" and that "..logos, etc are owned by / licened by *brand name*"

So how does this work? Could company A claim that company B took their logo, modified it a bit, and then sue them? Or do they first send a letter to ask them to change it first?

And also, how do I know that it's a logo and not a font? (If that makes any difference)?

Interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Edit: oh a good example is Meta vs Sense

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