Need some help finding new products

Hello everyone, I'm interested in the area and I'm currently an intern at a (disorganized) startup that sells through Amazon in South America.

We have Chinese suppliers for most of our inventory. But one of the big problems I see is when it comes to building offers on Amazon.

I've been with the company for a month and things haven't been going well since the last black friday. There are few new products and the last "bet" on a new product was made 3 months ago.

In short, the owners still have the mentality that "if it sold well at a given moment, it will always be that way" and even winning in most buy boxes the result is obviously not repeating itself.

If anyone can give tips on how to research new products for Amazon or even how to get to the suppliers, what kinds of tools to use… Anything would help me!

Thanks in advance!

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