Power Ranking: I’ve spoken to hundreds of eCommerce founders, but never asked them to explicitly rank their pain points. What are your top 3 challenges when trying to scale to $1m+?

For context, I helped scale a company in the eCommerce space and it grew pretty rapidly ($1b+ valuation at our most recent raise, related to cashflow, won’t be naming to respect subreddit rules)

I’m passionate about growing the eCom pie and would love to help create a “best practices playbook” of sorts that could be a go-to source owned by the r/eCommerce community. I’d loop in successful founders / experts I’ve come across for input.

What topics should it address? I know there are tons of “what are your challenges” posts, but I haven’t seen a rank order list. I’ll analyse the responses and build this (the more responses, the more robust the answer).

So, what are your top 3 biggest challenges at the scaling stage?

My sense is:

  1. Cashflow & working capital – "my cash is tied up in inventory and marketing, so I don't have the working capital to grow as fast as I know I can" (I'm obviously biased here)

  2. Sourcing inventory – "I have a product idea, but don't know how to source it"

  3. Marketing – "I can't tell if my paid marketing is as effective as it could be"

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