About to make a big $ order with an Alibaba/Chinese seller – Need help on how to do the transaction


A Chinese seller contacted me via Email about producing the products i sell on my online store. (currently i produce them with my employees and we would be able to outsource if we produce in china) The seller sent me samples and everything was great. For the first big order we discussed 1000 items first before i received the samples – but now he would like to do atleast 5000 and he also went up with the price after he noticed that i was satisfied with the quality. The thing is his quality is really good and so far everything was fine and i still want to go ahead with the order and try maybe to negotiate down to 2000-3000 pieces since I am scared how the quality in bulk is going to be compared to the sample quality. How should I go ahead with the transaction should i do it via paypal? should i set up a contract? How can i be extra safe everything goes smoothly?

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