Customers unable to find discount code entry box?!

Alright. This is driving me f****** CRAZY!

Does anyone else have this issue??? This happens to me multiple times every month where a customer will complain about not being able to enter a discount code because “there is no place to enter it”.

I always go to my checkout page using multiple devices thinking I’ll finally catch it not working but every single time the discount code box appears right before my eyes and I cannot fathom how any sentient conscious human being could possibly miss it!

This most recent customer entered a note (I have a note entry form on my cart page which precedes the checkout page) which says they couldn’t find the discount entry. But I see on the order they did indeed use a discount code. So is the issue that people are looking on the cart page for the discount code box?

Never when I am shopping online do I expect to see the discount entry on the cart page, it’s ALWAYS at checkout. I’m really hoping this is the case though and there isn’t some glitch with my checkout page that I just can’t seem to catch.

Anyone else experience this?

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