ecommerce people: how did you choose your email marketing agency?

Ecommerce business owners, I've got a question for you. How did you choose and find your email marketing agency? Word of mouth? I.e. you asked around and someone connected you. Directories? I.e. you went to the email tool you use and reached out for quotes, if so what was your thought process in selecting someone – Partner status, industry, etc? Social media? I.e. you stumbled across an agency on social media, sharing tips or resources or videos about the tool? Blog posts/SEO? I.e. you stumbled across an agency searching for expertise on a particular tool. Other… podcast, advertisement, emails you received and liked…

I'm asking because I run an email marketing agency. And we have clients. 90% came in through word of mouth. But we've just hired and I'm realizing for the first time in years that I don't even know what our ideal clients are looking for. I've not had to make a serious effort before.

Wait: before you jump me for being a shitty marketer and CEO, please know I do have small children and yeah sometimes goals are keep it steady and keep clients happy rather than world takeover. But the tables have turned and now I'm genuinely curious what kind of content we should produce and where to post it to get in front of ideal clients.

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