Hello redditors,

I have an ASIN diet supplementary category and I need some certification for it to ungate it. If you think you can help me out I would really appreciate the help and if you can help me ungate the product I will pay too.

Looking forward to you

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9 Days Ago I launched my second Shopify App. Today, we’re featured on the app store.

I've been in the Shopify ecosystem for 12 years now, got introduced back in 2010. Never have I imagined that I would be building in the space for so long. My previous startup was acquired 2 years ago, which was a micro-fulfillment, same-day delivery provider for Shopify brands in NYC/LA. As you can probably tell, I love Shopify, and I love the ecosystem – I get to build really awesome stuff, and work with some really amazing brands and merchants.

It has always been a dream of mine of having the ever-so-elusive Shopify Staff pick app on the app store. And it finally happened! Here is what it took to get here at a glance:


We're a plug-and-play video platform for Shopify: LyveCom

I was in beta for close to a year and bootstrapped for the first 6 mo. Then teamed up with my now CoFounder Kevin Gould

Here's what we've been up to in the passed 5 months since coming out of beta:

Why am I doing this?

Well I've always been obsessed in helping brands drive more revenue. Even when I first discovered what Shopify was, I started importing these made-to-order (I sent a few out to influencers for reviews this is one of them lol), and unknowingly fell into the world of B2B at the rype age of 15-16. We actually ended up closing a few Sylvan learning centers (by a few I mean a 500 location PO). That's when I really got the Shopify bug.

I then went on to college and met my then cofounder where we started with food delivery back in 2017 but then pivoted into b2b micro-fulfillment for DTC brands. We ran some pilots with Casper, Hims and a bunch of other bigger Shopify brands until we ended up getting acquired by a regional carrier out West.

After about a year I really wanted to work brand side to really understand how brands make decisions and scale. I ended up landing a PM gig at a jewelry DTC in NYC right before the pandemic started.

I always noticed how in-store conversions were like 40-50% while online was drastically lower. When the pandemic hit we closed down all those stores, but started doing IG lives, which really resonated with our customers. But we had tons of issues like tracking ROI, owning the brand messaging, all the customer data, and having an overall seamless checkout experience. We also had such high engagement on video and it was always hard to properly embed it and make it look clean without dev.

I soon realized that video plays a crucial role in consumer purchasing decisions, even ran a survey with 94% of respondents saying that video is one of the ultimate decision makers for consumers. It's pretty evident that most of the content we consume is short form/social based while ecomm is still stuck with images and product descriptions.

In comes LyveCom

I believe the online stores of the future will be a lot like the experience you see on socials today. It will be highly personalized (I'm talking about the actual content you see), and feel a lot more like a TikTok "For You" page than an Amazon catalog. Especially after iOS 14.5, it has never become more evident in the power of truly owning your audience and having your own platform. We want the brand to fully own their own social channel directly on their website. Where they can grow their community, own all of the data, and provide an engaging experience for their customers. Imagine your “YouTube” channel being directly on your site, where you can hang out, chat with your customers, all while having that authentic and raw experience on your site.

What do we do?

We're a plug-and-play video stack that's the perfect Ecommerce video player. Our simple integration enables 3 things:

  1. Embedded Shoppable Video Example (think Reels/Stories where you can also add to cart and checkout)
  2. Livestream Shopping (go live on your site + simulcast to your socials)
  3. 1:1 Video Chat where you can get zero-party data and shop with your customers Example

The core problems we're looking to solve for brands is increasing conversion (we're seeing 15-20% uplift) and time spent on-site (4x) with an experience that users are used to on socials. All of that without having any impact on your site speed. There are 4 core types of Shoppable Video:

  • (UGC) reviews: authentic video testimonial of the product, explaining its benefits, showing it in use, demonstrating how it works, comparing it to alternatives, etc.
  • Visual difference: before-and-after videos for health and beauty, fit pics for apparel, staged furniture, etc.
  • Product education: how it works, how to use it, what it's made of, how to take care of it, etc.
  • Visual difference: before-and-after videos for health and beauty, fit pics for apparel, staged furniture, etc.
  • Discounts and offers

What's next?

We're looking for as much feedback as we can get while working with our amazing brands. Since we just launched on the Shopify app-store 9 days ago and instantly got featured we're getting some great product feedback from Shopify merchants. Ultimately we just want to build a very accessible video stack for brands. Some things that we're rolling out:

  1. Embedding Shoppable vids in your email flows. (This will enable you to redirect to full screen shoppable video landing pages from animated preview on Klayvio) Rolling out TODAY!
  2. Attentive integration (you'll be able to use mobile first video for phone # opt in + .gif preview shoppable vids on attentive texts)
  3. Dynamic questions for 1:1 video bookings
  4. Cart abandonment flows with Sohppabel video landing pages

That's it guys!

I hope you guys found some value in this, and where I personally see e-commerce going. I believe these are really exciting times and the way Shopify stores look 5 years from now are completely different from what we see/know today!

Happy to answer any questions on anything Shopify, video, or livestreaming related. Hope everyone kills it this BFCM!!!

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Do I need the Pro plan to run PPC ads? (Amazon)

I'm on an individual account at the moment, and can't run Sponsored Product ads due to "error" on Amazon's part.

Not sure if this is because I'm not on their $40/mo Pro plan.

Do I need the Pro plan to run PPC ads?

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Anyone have a resource or video on how exactly to open a Facebook shop?

I read through commerce eligibility and still confused.

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Best simple webstore builder with lowest transaction fees?

Hi everyone – would love your input as I am starting my first website to sell a dietary supplement.

Need a very simple yet professional layout with product imaging and information and simple add to cart option. Most important is the site looks professionally built.

Looking for low transaction fees and monthly maintenance fees and want the customer to use credit card via secure hosting/https etc.

Are there any great options besides shopify or is this the best?

Thanks for any input!

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Pirate ship USPS RTS needing additional postage? Help?

I have three “box in a bag” shipments that came back return to sender with the slip saying I need additional postage. I’ve sent hundreds of packages this way and have never had an issue so am confused. Can I just put them back in the mail? And if not how do I get the additional postage? Pirate ship doesn’t allow refunds for labels that have been scanned even though this was stopped almost immediately. Is my only option to pay for brand new labels? So confused! Thank you!

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eCommerce distribution company idea

I got an idea of making an eCommerce distribution company where it purchase wholesale quantity of products, locate it in different 3PLs in targeted geographic areas and then:

Option one: sell them to retailers

Option two: sell them online to consumers

Option three: deal with dropshiper to sell them

I just wanted to know what do you guys think by voting in the poll and commenting.


View Poll

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In house fulfillment

I want to start an e-commerce business but I don’t really like dropshipping, I wanna be able to send each order myself to make sure everything goes smooth, are there any guides or YouTube videos for this because I have no idea how to get started, thanks

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Supplier texting and calling me non-stop…red flag?

So I'm ordering a relatively small amount of a product ($5,000 worth), but first told this supplier that I am waiting on approval for my business bank account before I can make payment- which is true. It's taking longer than I thought it would, but this supplier (or probably the sales agent), has been texting me on WeChat, WhatsApp, emailing me, and now I just woke up with a missed phone call from them – at first I responded but they have called and emailed me all weekend, which is very off putting. On one hand, I like how it will be easy to place future orders with them, but on the other hand, this is very excessive and makes me think that their business is going poorly (but maybe they're new and need to make a sales quota?). What's your guy's takes?

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Shopify – Splitting Payments?

I want to divide each entry of my store into two separate accounts, what can I do?

For example 90% of a payment goes to account X and the remaining 10% goes to account Y.

Can this be automated?

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