B2B eCommerce website recommendations

I need an eCommerce B2B website. Looking for recommendations on architecture and eCommerce platform. First let me explain the website functionality:

  1. A customer can create a semi-customized product from a graphical web interface (we already have a prototype of this interface – JS, Three.js, WebGL). The interface will need to integrate with the eCommerce solution and allow for the semi-customized product to be added to the customers shopping cart.

  2. When the customer orders, a PDF drawing of the customized product is sent to the vendor for fabrication along with other pertinent customer information. We have a method to create the PDF but need to consider how and where this is stored (within or external to the eCommerce platform).

  3. The current means of ordering product and initiating fabrication (directly from the vendor) requires a PO, vendor credit, business check, wire or, less likely, with a credit card. Need a solution to allow for these methods of payment.

  4. The customer will have multiple jobs in the pipeline and ordering will occur several day/weeks from the time of creating the job. Customers will need to save and retrieve multiple jobs (shopping carts?).

  5. No need for mobile at this time. This is a web only app.

  6. Ultimately, the app would have multiple vendors, but this is not required at this time. The eCommerce platform should take this future requirement into account.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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