Starting the ecommerce adventure

Hi homies, I am new here.

I am considering starting an online business from scratch. I already own one business and want to start creating a new independent source of income in the long run.

My motivations are not purely financial, I'm fascinated by the opportunities that selling on the Internet provides, I mean the lack of restrictions on scaling and the ability to reach virtually anywhere in the world with products.

I have start-up money and would like to create a thriving online business within two years. I don't care about quick gratification because I have income from another source however in 2 years I would like the first money to appear (if it happens sooner I will be pleasantly surprised).

I live in Poland, quite a difficult location due to the tough economic situation and the war abroad in Ukraine. However, every crisis means new opportunities and possibilities. The currency in my country, i.e. PLN, is weakening very much against other currencies which makes export offers more attractive, provided I can find products produced in my country and buyers who would like to buy them through me.

I must admit that I am just starting to explore the topic and I do not know how to start my e-commerce business, but in connection with the above information, perhaps you have some advice on what to focus on at the beginning, what model to choose taking into account my situation, perhaps you have recommended suppliers or places where I should look when starting to explore this topic?

I am also interested in the peculiarities and opportunities offered by the geographical location of my country, perhaps you see something that I miss.

From the current research, it seems that it would be best to start with a niche store using shipping directly through aliexpress and over time if some produy proves to be good then scaling this to more profitable solutions. I have a certain base of influencers I could use to promote the store, but I don't yet have an idea about the assortment. I'm still lost on this topic but maybe you can share your thoughts that have helped you where I am now.

Thank you for the discussion.

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