Why hasn’t AR ecommerce taken off?

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I was doing some research on AR ecommerce and realized that many of the website builders (shopify, woo commerce, wix, etc.) already have plugins/services that support AR demos. I tried AR demos for a couple products that had AR try-ons and it felt super useful to see what a computer monitor or a painting of different sizes would look like before buying it online. My question is – why is this tech not ubiquitous? Most website builders like shopify support AR models already and all the store owner needs to do is get a 3D model of the item.

Is creating of 3D models the bottleneck? Is the cost of the process not justified by the time/resources it takes to make AR experience possible?

I'm not a store owner, just someone who shops a lot, so it would be helpful to get perspective of someone on the other side :-).

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