BARCODES! What Are they and Where Can I get ’em

I know what a barcode is. I DO NOT KNOW which barcode is best for our warehouse or any other best practices. Also don't know the best way to have them generated.

We do in-house fulfillment, of mostly subscriptions but also some pick+pack orders.

10k-15k packages per month. Have gotten away with not having barcodes since our monthly subs are usually ~4 items.

CAVEAT: Most of our products are very small. They are mostly un-packaged, meaning no box/unicarton.

Basically, lipstick sized items. I've read that a 2D barcode might do well since if we're going to try to add barcodes to the bottom of the lipstick tube.

We are going to need barcodes eventually, as we upgrade our in-house tech, or to have the option to go with external fulfillment.
Would greatly appreciate the help!

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