Would appreciate in-depth criticism about my launch

I launched my store this weekend (it didn't go well but starting a business is never easy – so not very down about it). Would appreciate any advice going forward.

A little about myself and my startup: I graduated from art school a few months ago and a majority of the time felt uninspired when it came to assignments and personal projects. It wasn't until the start of my senior year that I started reflecting on and mending my relationship with God.

I started my first "business" (sole prop) selling stickers, prints, and totes, among other things back in high school. I love art and almost everything anime related and I thought to myself… there isn't really a lot of Christian apparel that is "cartoony", what I've seen is mostly typography-based.

So to set myself apart from the competition, I'm focusing on anime-inspired Christian streetwear/apparel.

I did a Google ad/Instagram ad about 2 weeks ago – all my socials for the brand were set up about a month ago.

I am a freelance photographer on the side as well, so thankfully didn't need to hire anyone (product photography isn't my forte – mostly weddings/portraits – but did my best with the gear I have for my product photos).

A big inspiration of mine is Valeza, love his work and I thought I'd take some pages from his book. I know I have a long way to go and many more designs to go, but I'm hoping to provide some more creative work in the Christian apparel space for years to come!

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