3PL (ShipHero) missing packages?

For the past two years I've been shipping and packing orders by myself. A few months ago, my manufacturer, told me about 3PL services. I've never heard of 3PL before so I did a bunch of research on them. I eventually went with ShipHero since they had some pretty good reviews. I was definitely nervous sending my shipments to a completely new and different address but I went ahead and did that.

Last week, they received all 36 boxes of shipment. Just today, I was informed there was a discrepancy with what my manufacturer told me they shipped and what ShipHero received. A whole 10% of my inventory was missing.

I have worked with my manufacturer every month for over a year now. I would understand if two or three packages was missing. But over 100 packages was missing: surely that's not a coincidence right? The first time I decide to work with a 3PL and I'm missing 10% of my inventory. Does anyone have any experience as to what to do?

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that some packages may not have been scanned yet since Mondays may be busy. But they've marked the shipment as complete and informed me that packages were missing. In the worst case possible, do I just accept that I lost 10% of my inventory?

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