Is this legit? Can you claim business names and sell them?

So I came up with a business name idea and started to see if there are competitors with similar names and found this website “holding” it and offering it for a fee. I’m not good at law. But is it a scam or do they actually own these names and are selling them?

Let’s say I googled “bogaboga” -that’s how I found them. “We offer you this great business name “bogaboga”… etc, it’s yours for 1500USD” made me suspicious and made me wonder Can you really do that? What happens if I register a company with a name they have in their “library”, since it doesn’t conflict with any competitor, should it not be fine?

What if I register “bogaboga lable”, could they do something about it?

I’m just humble and asking because I have no clue.

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