Looking for advice from successful store owners on what my next move is.

Hey There everyone!

I started an Etsy store selling POD products in a pretty specific niche, and a few of the products seem to have a very low amount of competition. The plaid integration got screwed up with my bank on Etsy, so for my first month, I did not get a single sale as a result. Apparently, people couldn't check out due to it, and I received no messages or emails from Etsy or plaid until they suspended my account for a couple of days till it was fixed.

Anyways, my second month, "technically my first month of selling," netted me 32 sales and 350 dollars in profit, which seemed like a huge deal, I was pretty happy about it.

I have an ebay store for the items as well, but traffic and sales are a tiny fraction of what they are on Etsy. I also started up a Facebook/Insta shop but haven't sold anything on either. I have a Shopify store up, and I am currently running an ad for a week (only $5 a day) to see if I can pick up any sales there.

My question is, what steps would you take to increase your sales at this point? I feel like I have hit a wall or my growth will plateau, and I'm not sure what the correct approach is from here. If I could get my profits 3-4 times higher, it would really start putting me on a path to true self-employment, as I have other avenues of income as well.

Thanks to anyone who shares advice in advance.

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