I’ve worked on my brand for 3 years and everything is done. Yet I’ve been super stressed and afraid of launching for months now, please help.

This might seem pathetic but I don't know what's gotten to my head. I've poured an insane amount of effort and money into this brand and everything is pretty much done except some little things left. Yet I've got ZERO motivation to keep going. I've got a ton of stock sitting around and packaging etc.

Everyone I show the brand and product to says it looks really good. But my motivation and effort has grinded to an absolute halt. Maybe I'm depressed I don't really know.

I can't be assed doing anything regarding this brand even though I was super motivated for it all these years yet now when it matters the most and all the hard work is done, I'm just like fuck it.

Anyone else experienced something similar please help me out of this situation. I think I've spent so much time and money on it that I'm deep down afraid of any chance of failure so I just sit around avoiding it.

Friends and family are all thinking why the hell I still haven't launched after perpetually telling them I'm '1 month out' from launch.

Also I spent so much time on the product/packaging and website that I entirely forgot about marketing. I have zero clue apart from the obvious influencer marketing on Instagram which my sister will be helping out with.

Not exactly a productive or useful post here but help is very appreciated!

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