My product has been banned from FB Ads – How do I overcome this?

I had great success using FB Ads for the last 3 months. Have went from $0 to $4k in rev. with a roughly 4x ROAS achieved in recent campaigns. The plan was to continue advertising and build out the email list, organic socials and connect with blogs and influencers. My margins are good, my conversation rate on my website was at ~7% and I was feeling pretty optimistic about this venture.

Now I have had my product essentially banned from FB Ads – It's a natural aromatherapy inhaler which is being rejected because of the unsafe substances policy (which is supposed to cover illegal drugs and paraphernalia). I have contacted support, had an 'internal review' and have essentially been told that any ad with a picture of my product will be rejected.

I've spent a bit of money on Pinterest but am way off the results I got with FB Ads. Only $200 or so into Pinterest and its really difficult to find anything working. I've had maybe 2 conversions so far. I have also tried Google Search ads. Spent a similar amount and had 1-2 conversions as well.

I know I can learn more and optimise these campaigns but I'm not sure if I'll be able to ever replace the results I achieved with FB Ads.

Just looking for some input on how to move forward I suppose.


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