Young e-comm brand figuring out how to overcome cash flow hurdle

I’m about 1 year into an e-comm venture and am running into a cash flow problem. I need $12-15k per month (that I don’t have) to shed my brand’s “freshman look” and really run this thing the way I want to- with slick photography/cinematography, paid, social, search, email, and sms all being ran externally.

It seems funding is the way to go but I don’t have any attractive numeric data to pitch to anyone. Is it a waste of time to try to raise money? Ideally $200k but I would be stoked on $100k.

I’m considering offering my boutique ad/media agency equity instead of getting invoiced (they’re young and hungry). The bulk of that monthly $12-15k is for agency related stuff. However I have no idea where/how to even start that pitch.

I’m open to anything and everything. All advice and insight is appreciated!

Thank you!!

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