*** Day 2 – Welcome to the 5 Days of Black Friday / Cyber Monday Email E-Comm Dominance ***

Hey Everyone.

We are at Day 2 of How to Dominate Black Friday / Cyber Monday with your e-comm store. Before I begin I want to preface that these posts only work when you have a fair amount of traffic hitting your store each day. Getting people to your store is a whole other thread but I think most of you know how to do that already.

Now that that's out of the way grab that legal pad, notebook, liquor store receipt, whatever, and let's get started.

Today is short but sweet. In fact if done closely to how I lay out here it could be the best ROI of anything else you do in marketing for your store.

And that is Abandoned Carts Emails. The holy grail of all e-comm email marketing.

Some stores can get as much as 20-30% increase in sales if done correctly than if there was no AC emails going out at all.

Think about that for a minute. Every month you could be converting at even 15% more sales than now. WHAT WOULD THAT DO FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS???

But here's the thing… most stores use the default Shopify or Klaviyo or whatever email software that is already in there service backend. And this is assuming they are even set to fire. But for this post let's assume our fictitious e-comm owner named Fred has his Shopify default ACE set up. Yay Fred!

So you know our buddy Fred sells "whatevers" on his store. He runs paid ads and has a decent amount of people coming to his store. And some of these people like his whatevers and add them to the cart.

But don't buy right then. They bounce.

Why do they bounce and not buy? I mean they seemed to want it enough to add it to the cart?

Answer: Who knows and if you waste your life trying to figure that out you'll either die broke and alone with cheetos fingers when your next door neighbor smells the stench of your dead body rotting away all covered in orange,

Or you die the richest person who will ever live.

Your choice but the odds are against you. Just saying.

So let's assume you don't care the why but concentrate on the how… How do you get these people to come back and buy. And this is what we are about to do.

Disclaimer: All marketing is subjective and if someone – even me says do this and it will work exactly like I say and you will be having dinner with Bezos and his new babe you need to run the other way. Everything in marketing is plan, try, test, results, adapt. Please keep this in mind.

So back to Fred's store of whatevers. Fred wants to know what some very successful e-comm owners are doing to get better sales and better ROI. He learns that ACE (Abandoned Cart Emails) are one of the best ways to convert lookie-loos to buyers

BUT he sees there are two ways to do this.

  1. Do what the big brands do (as mentioned yesterday)
  2. Do what a small but growing number of successful store owners do.

And that is to create a 3 email sequence that is fun and engaging to read, tells your story, and gently leads the prospect back to the cart to buy.

That's it. Done. Goodnight.

haha. but it is true

WRITE 3 emails that makes the prospect familiar with you. Talk to them like a friend. A new friend. This is not a time for hard sell. Your job is gently guide them and give them reasons to buy.

Now most owners (and non sales people in general) think reasons = features

Like Fred's whatevers might be pretty colors, or taste great, or and the newest "in thing"

Great, so is everyone else's whatevers.

WHY is Fred's whatevers something the prospect has to have? How will they feel owning it, wearing it, playing it, showing it off, etc.

If you make the AC prospect feeeeeellllllll better about owning your product they are more likely to buy. Of course there are some products that makes someone feel worse if they don't buy.

But I like to stay in the positive realm unless it's health related and even then you gotta be careful.

So Fred sits down and bangs out 3 200-400 word emails in way that fits who his customer avatar is bc he knows their desires, their wants, their needs, their thoughts (somewhat) and his email stories make the prospect feel comfortable with his brand.

Question: Does Fred have an email with a BIG*SS picture of the product that was added to the cart? Does Fred's emails say, "Hey I think you left something in the cart. Go back and buy it now."


Like I said big brands succeed in spite of themselves. They succeed because big ships take a long time to turn around. You are NOT a big ship. You are a speedboat. Quick, agile, sporty, and fun. Be the damn speedboat!

Should there be a pictures of the product? Yes, but very small. I mean come on. If I added something to the cart and bailed I know what I put there. It's not like I have sudden amnesia. There is no reason to put up a big picture with the words "go back and buy now".

NO, sorry. I will not. I'm busy washing the dog, watching Netflix, eating cheetos. I don't have a reason to quit. Ok, maybe washing the dog but that dog stinks man.

So use your head. Get into Klaviyo, which Fred realized he needed to switch to real fast!. Load up a 3 email sequence of well written stories explaining how much better the prospect's world will be bc of your product and then…

For the love of EVERYTHING HOLY, link back to the cart – NOT the homepage! Klaviyo makes this easy but you'd be surprised how many owners mess this up.

Do this asap. Everyday you don't have well written story based abandoned cart emails not going out the more money you are leaving on the table. You work too hard to let that dough slip through your hands and bank account.

FYI – you might suck at writing these at first. You might suck at writing these forever. But it's better than doing it the way most owners do and you may just get better at writing these over time. You can always get back into Klaviyo and rewrite or adjust as you see the results (see the marketing mantra above).

Tomorrow – the all elusive browse abandonment emails. The witchcraft of the e-comm email world.

Don't miss it.

Until then all my best,


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