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I've been running an e-commerce store in the arts & crafts niche for the past few years. It's come to a point where it's not really taking much of my effort, but we're at a crossroads where I either improve the site, advertising, SEO etc and give it another big push for growth, sell it, or even shut it down. (In the last 30 days we've done about $5,600 USD worth of revenue, so it'd be a shame to shut it down).

So, I was contemplating if there was anyone in the e-commerce community that would like to get involved with this business?

Ideally, I'm looking to bring someone into the company who can demonstrate taking a store to $1m+ revenue per year and is a gun when it comes to either SEO or Google PPC. In exchange i'd look to share some equity within the business or some equivalent arrangement i.e. share in profits etc.

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