What’s your most challenging business process that you haven’t been able to streamline or overcome

Hi, I've been working in technology for the past 12 years and like most developers, love problem solving. One thing that I've noticed in the past year or so is that I particularly enjoy solving business problems by using technology to automate and streamline business processes that take so much of a humans time, or business processes that can be circumvented with technology to reduce risk, increase compliance, improve quality etc.

Given this, I have a unique value proposition for a lucky business or two. I'd like to hear some of the business process challenges your business is facing, and to see how I can apply my skill set to solve these problems with my set of skills, at absolutely no COST. 100% Free.

Why am I doing this for free? I'm mainly wanting to see the opportunities out there, as well as see more problems that businesses are facing everyday. My goal is to eventually scale this into a business, but you need to start somewhere.

Type of solutions or examples:

– Integrate your CRM with other tools like slack or Microsoft Teams; e.g. each time a new deal is won, or a deal reaches a certain stage, do something in other products to start the conversation, or for other activities / tasks to happen

– Automate creating order documents and send to your supplier based on your orders within your e-commerce platform. E.g. order comes in, a document template is filled out and sent to your supplier.

– Employee onboarding; New user creation, add tasks for staff to complete activities, creating users accounts in other SaaS if there's no federated identity.

– And so on.

I’m interested in hearing about your business and business process challenges

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