Being jack of all trades in eCommerce is good or bad?

I am new to eCommerce/dropshipping field learning and testing for 8-9months and till now have launched 2 stores that didn't generate any sales. From all the advice I have gotten from here on my stores most of the people said I lack in copywriting and marketing. So I am planning to master both of these skills before I launch my next store. But I am confused as someone said on my previous post that don't try to learn everything on your own as I can hire someone for it. What do you all think is a good option for long-term success? Do you all hire someone for these kinds of services specifically copywriting or you guys have learned this on your own which has helped you in achieving more success as you don't have to rely on someone and give your best for better success? My goal is to set up a 7-8 fig eCommerce brand and quit my full-time job. I know it won't happen very soon there is a lot to learn and go through. Would love to hear from people that already have achieved my goal. How they started out how much they invested on their stores while just starting out any other advice they wanna give to someone like me with big goals is welcome. Thank you

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