Landing page problem, or ads issue? Unsure

Site running for several years. Made a variety of improvements. We know the quality of our product is better than most and we know our price point is good compared to the competition. We get great reviews on TrustPilot consistently. All orders via Google Ads / Bing. CTR on the ads is around 10%, conversion rate is approx 7%.

Here's the rub. We have competitors who are consistently able to bid above us on Google Ads and are clearly selling more volume – yet they have common themes of issues: 90s looking sites; limited or no pictures at all of their products; limited or no reviews.

We'd love to drive more traffic to the site and we know from the years we have been running which keywords generate the conversions. We target those on manual CPC with exact match. However for us to get to 1st position would mean for every £1 we spend in Google Ads, we would get about £0.30 back. Presumably our competitors are doing the same but despite their site issues, they must be converting – they couldn't sustain that level for that long. They aren't big companies.

Whilst our site is nowhere near perfect, I'm thinking there might be something big that is putting people off. Customers aren't going to the home page. Just landing page, then to order, then the cart. We do get a percentage drop off at the cart stage but I'd guess that is pretty normal!

Landing page:


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