Drop shipping only part of inventory?

Hi all! I’m just starting out with trying to sell my artwork. My work is probably more suitable for printing on shirts and bags or as stickers and keychains as opposed to being sold just as art prints, so I have been looking at printing places, pod and drop shipping. Nothing seems to jump out as the right place for everything but a few would work for some but not others and vise versa. At first I was just going to order everything and ship to customers from here, but it’s a lot of money upfront and I’m hesitant about it. Printing on demand gives me the opportunity to see if selling the art printed on shirts & mugs is even worth it but for things like stickers and art prints the profit margins are higher if I don’t used pod/drop. I’m thinking customers would be confused and not like having two separate orders shipped when they buy a sticker and a tote bag. I know I would be confused about why my sticker came by it’s lol

I’m guessing that I should either do only one or the other, or rethink my product offerings.

What do you do/did? What would you do?

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