I am aftaid that i might run out of products and content for my business. I will not have anything new to sell. What do i need to do?

Is this normal? Please lemme know. I run an ecommerce business. I mostly sell furniture for home decor. And i use instagram and use content marketing for awarness of my business. I have like 300 items in my catalog. I can use them to make content for my content marketing but for how long. I will eventually run out of content to use and beside uploading same product again and again. I am really worried to what to upload. To overcoming that worry i am trying to find more and more items but so far hvnt found any. I want more new items to make content for my instagram. If i dont uplod new content i will not grow and no more awareness.

This problem have stressed me sooooo much. I am always like what if i run out of content. I will have nothing to show.

What do i need to do?

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