How could I implement an order & payout system for multiple different sellers on my webshop/marketplace?

I am planning to make a webshop or small scale marketplace for local designers and artists where they could sell their designs. The sales will be processed through my webshop.

How could I make sure the designers get their money (minus payment transaction costs & a small % cut). And with what system could they see incoming orders, and have an overview of the actual orders for their products. Keeping in mind that there will be multiple different designers and artists involved.

I am still deciding if I want to use Shopify or Woocommerce WordPress.

I already have experience in making a webshop using Shopify and one with Woocommerce WordPress.

Is this something that would be feasible to make myself? Is this something that will need to be custom made? Or is it already possible with certain plugins/features?

Or should I just process it all, and then pay the designers afterwards, not using the webshop, but using different accounting software?

Thank you.

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