How do companies manage doing sales across many states in terms of taxes? Do you have to start multiple companies?

Hey guys. I've tried to find an answer for this for a while but haven't found anything concrete so I come here for answers and your experience. When you sell to other states, after you meet your nexus (say 50+ sales whatever it is within the 12 month period etc) and you now have to start paying taxes to that individual state/register… How the hell does this even work? As far as I understand, you don't just pay taxes to your company's home state rather it's to the state where you sell… I have absolutely no idea how this works. I can't believe you really have to register 50 companies in the 50 states to be able to sell to the whole US. It can't be that complicated. Is there a way I'm not seeing and haven't found?

Is there a software that takes care of this automatically? Do you just start selling one state at a time progressively as you grow and are able to afford handling more states (can't be this way which is why I'm lost on how everyone does it).

Also. Any references to resources and information about this will be hugely appreciated!

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