Is our product to generic and expensive? Specialty coffee by sail boat instead of container ships.

Me and a friends launched our own specialty coffee brand. Mainly because we wanted to try ourselves with e-commerce. Were selling specialty coffee from poly-agriculture from nicaragua brought to Germany by sail boat instead of container ships. Were using plastic free packaging and trying to be as climate friendly as possible. Were working together with a company from germany who is dealing with importing and roasting the beans, and were packaging and marketing the coffee beans (they sell their own coffee offline, similar roast). We just started with facebook ads. We have some high quality ad creatives and the cpc is pretty low so far (0,20ct). But no sales yet. (Facebook ads <200€ budget so far)

Now there are two problems we are seeing: The margins are pretty low, when considering the facebook advertising costs (non existent). The product is quite expensive (15€ + shipping for 250g of premium coffee) for such a „generic“ product.

Here are my questions: Do you think our product is bad for e-commerce and we should try selling offline? How do we get the ball rolling with facebook ads (how do we get our first conversions)?

What other tips do you have for us. Maybe you can give us some ressources.

Here is our landing page. We are far from perfect, but were quite happy with the landing page.

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