Starting a company selling “kits”. Having trouble figuring out Ecommerce strategy

Hi everyone. I will try to explain the best I can 🙂

I am wanting to start a little niche company that sells a kit, with 3 items in the kit. So, I have found 3 separate companies/factories to make each item, as well as a company that will make all the boxes. So a box for each item in the kit, and a box for all the items to go in, to make the complete final kit product.

Since I am just starting out….I have a couple strategy questions.

1) Should I have these 3 companies send me the items to all put in the boxes and put together the final product and shipping myself? (would mean me putting each item in their new box, and putting all 3 items in the main kit box, with logo etc on it.

What are my other options for this? I fear that if I start selling lots, there is no way I will be back to keep up with the orders.

2) What would make the most sense starting out? Do everything my self, including shipping? Or, what are some other ways I can do it that would streamline it more?

The issue is there are 3 separate items in the kit, that me, or someone else, would have to put together, all to be put into the boxes with my logo and labels on it.

MAIN GOAL: What I would want is to get to a point to where I can just focus on marketing the kits, and when someone orders them, the order goes to a warehouse (or whatever), and they take care of the shipping etc).

I am sorry if my questions are ultra-beginner 🙂

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