Empire Ecommerce – Anyone Else Feel Scammed

As a bit of a disclaimer, I am not super knowledgeable about Ecommerce in general, but I feel like I fell into a trap from an e-commerce automation service and trying to see if anyone had a similar experience since I can’t find much info elsewhere online.

I heard about empire Ecommerce a while back thru a friend who had some success with their stores after having empire run automation services for them. I was convinced that purchasing a store and having empire do automation dropshipping was a good investment. I spoke with the owners Roman Cresto and John Cresto and was sold on investing some money in a store.

I spent $35k on a Walmart store. After numerous delays getting that store up and running, it finally launched over 6 months after my investment. After 2 months of selling, it was taken offline by the management team and the company began going thru a transition I was told.

Long story short, they told me to switch the store to a Amazon dropshipping store, which now has also not launched. I have had a store for over 18 months and have only been selling products for about 2 months.

Within the last couple weeks, Empire Ecommerce was sold and a new owner took over. I am very nervous about my investment and feel like there is something off about this company.

Is there anyone else out there with a similar experience? It’s very tough to find info on empire, Roman, or anything to do with this company, so trying to see if anyone else is in the same boat.

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