I developed a product and need to know what I’m missing.

I sort of did something crazy and quit a super stressful 6 figure job after my husband had a health scare. Turned out everything is ok, but long story short I felt like I needed to take more risk in life and seize the day persay.

So today here I am after becoming a full time stay at home mom, I immediately found a solution for an existing product for babies and toddlers. It checks a lot of the boxes; lightweight and cheap to ship, high perceived value, solves a problem, and improves an existing design.

I went ahead and wrote the provisional patent myself and filed earlier this year. Since then, I learned photoshop and simple product photography and did the best I could with my small budget to create an instagram and small Etsy shop.

I would be really appreciative if someone could help me figure out what I’m missing, any improvements I could make. I do not have a marketing budget so have been working at creating and growing my audience on socials. Please DM me. I prefer to keep things private if possible.

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