Looking to start my e-commerce career . I have never done it .

The main thing about this post is that I have never ever done this . I have my own service company and that’s doing well but I’m looking to venture into the e-commerce side.

I already have a product that I am looking to sell but I don’t know how to even get started . The product itself is around 100 pounds heavy, it comes from china and it is used by construction landscaping and other blue collar businesses . I am able to buy it for 70 dollars and should be able to resell for around 190 dollars here in the states .

Again , I have no experience in determining if this product is in demand ( search volume is at 1600 searches per month here in the USA ) , seo competition is low according to keyword finder . However that’s all the info I have .

Are there any courses online or can any of you guide me in how to get started ? Udemy courses , reading books or any other resources ?

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