$61,130.26 in revenue on Black Friday

UPD! So after the recent post, we continued to run the same shop and scaled it a lil bit for Black Friday. Again, I am a newbie, the results could be 10x better. I can say it's super chaotic right now. I got used to affiliate marketing, where you don't need to worry about products, funnels, refunds, disputes, payment processors, etc. Now we need to resolve all those issues. The good thing is you have upsales – your ROI is much higher when you run your own product rather than an affiliate one.

Traffic sources: we run both Facebook and TikTok. GEOs: EN tier 1.

Required things: – product sourcing manager – someone who is gonna find new products. – Shopify/woocommerce shop – payment processor – stripe, PayPal, – a solid supplier with fast delivery. We got ten days of delivery (from order to get delivered, not like 40 days in classic dropshipping).

Ads: – creatives, be ready to buy & send products to some content creators. You not gonna make it with someone's videos; – be ready to launch dozens of tests, both new products, and angles. Finding the winning product is not an easy thing;

Some results for November: [B]$235,150[/B] and Black Friday: [B]$61,130[/B]

Future plans:

I want to expand our team, launch more products for a test, and buy some stock to shorten the shipping time.

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