Looking for any and all big picture advice

Short version: I sorely need advice on what ecommerce opportunities would make best use of my skill set and free time.

Long version: Over the coming year, I will have more free time than I am used to. I could also use a few extra dollars each month, and I have no problem working for them. This past week I’ve spent waaayyy too much time on TikTok, and I’ve been flooded with the passive income/ecommerce posts (the algorithm is drowning me). . .

  • Design composition journals in your sleep, profit, repeat
  • Find a hero product on Alibaba and let Amazon do the rest
  • Like writing reviews? Here’s how to make your first million
  • And countless others

I would sincerely appreciate any advice anyone could offer on what side/full hustles are actually turning a profit in late 2022. For reference, my skill set (as a former marketing wonk) includes:

  • Writing (A+)
  • General marketing techniques (A)
  • Graphic design (digital or print) (A)
  • WordPress and WooCommerce (A-)
  • Drop shipping and digital selling basics (B+)
  • Social media (B, but barely passing in TikTok)

If you’re feeling generous, your opinions would be truly valued.

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