The Best Performing Email Newsletter of 2022

2022 is finally coming to an end, what a crazy year.

Yesterday I made post about what to do after a successful BFCM weekend. It did really well and got lots of positive feedback so I decided to make this post. Also the timing couldn't be any better because believe it or not, the best performing email of the entire year is sent out after cyber Monday. I'll explain.

My team has sent roughly 3500 email campaigns this year on just over 30 e-commerce brands. There was 1 email that stood out the most across every single store we worked with this year. The funniest part about all of this is that 90% of retailers wouldn't even think of sending this out. This will work for you regardless of the size of your store or your email list.

So what did we send? It's the simplest email imaginable. A plain-text thank-you email. That's it. This email averaged a 53% Open Rate and brought in 6 figures in revenue across 33 brands within the first 2 days of it going out. In addition, this email was the most replied to email of the year, one brand received over 100 replies on this email including customer testimonials, reviews, and lifestyle pictures with the product. This content is GOLD for marketing to new customers that may be skeptical.

Here's how we broke it down:

  1. Introduce yourself, who are you? Show that the person who owns the brand is a real person. in your own unique way.

  2. Talk about the journey. Almost every business starts small. Everyone's journey is different. Give some insight into the journey, and make sure they feel like they went on the journey with you. You can do this by using lots of descriptive words to truly paint a picture in your customer's heads.

  3. Thank them. Let them know you couldn't have done it without them. Show your gratitude.

  4. Leave a gift. At the end of the email, we left a gift code for $10-50 OFF their next purchase.

There are two main reasons why this email works so well.

Reason 1: It's a Plain-text email. Wanna spend hours designing a beautiful HTML email with gifs and the world's greatest sales copy? Knock yourself out. I guarantee this simple email will almost always outperform your fancy promotions. Plain-text emails are a lot more likely to end up in the main inbox whereas "heavy" emails filled with images and links from your domain will almost always end up in the Promotions Tab, especially during the holiday season. With all that being said there's still obviously a time and a place for those beautifully designed emails that everyone loves to look at. Just remember, never be afraid to just send out a simple "message from the CEO".

Reason 2: You're being genuine. The people on your email list shouldn't feel like your trying to sell them something in every email. We send out this email with no images or links. We don't mention anything about new releases or products. Simply open up to them a bit to create some sort of rapport or personal connection. Then show your gratitude, leave your gift and leave them alone. The sales will come in even if you don't tell them BUY NOW!

Moral of the story. Great marketing doesn't feel like marketing. Email marketing just opens up an ongoing conversation between you and your customers. It's up to you to keep them engaged in the conversation. Treat them like regular people not just like customers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I appreciate you!

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