How do you segment the eCommerce industry in your mind?

I have this rough mental map of the eCommerce industry in my head, but think it would be useful to get down on paper.

I'll share it in here once complete, but would love your help in building it.

What ways can you cut up the eCommerce space??? Have you seen any resources that have this done already??

I'm thinking: – By Revenue Amount (from side-hustle <$10k per month to mega $50m+ Warby Parker) – By Product Archetype – White Label – e.g., car parts – White Label with minor design requests (e.g., a logo slapped on a t-shirt from China) – Products requiring engineering mods (e.g., modular couches) – Full blown R&D products (e.g., weight loss band) – By Product Category – Apparel – Home & Garden – etc… – By Business Model – Dropshippers – DTC – Amazon FBA – Retail – Wholesale (B2B) – By Funding Model – Bootstrapped – Venture Backed

Would love you hear what everyone thinks!

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