Tips for starting to wholesale with my online DTG apparel business

So I run an apparel brand that has done reasonably well and we are starting to get small stores asking us about selling wholesale to them. I have no experience in wholesale and am not exactly sure what I need to do. I know I can Google it but I'd love advice from people who have been there done that, instead of a million list-icles.

Here's my thought process so far:

  1. Pricing – I'm thinking cost plus 20% plus shipping is what I'd charge. Am I way off base here? My gross margins are between 60-35% depending on item currently. We've had to raise prices the last year to keep those margins.

  2. I usually do DTG but I'd rather screenprint these orders for better quality. I have a reliable screen printer already that we do work with. It would also help to lower costs potentially. Do I need to brand these items with a neck print and hang tags? Hang tags at a minimum I would guess?

  3. Wholesale agreements. I imagine it would be a good idea to get the customer to sign one of these? I'm sure I can Google example agreements, but is there anything that absolute has to go in one of these? Or something unique to apparel that should be in there?

  4. Taking wholesale orders. Eventually if we have enough traction id add it to the website but for now I'll just handle that manually.


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