We’ve been running our business for almost 8 years but conversion rates have been terrible for the past 6 months aside from holiday sales. Please take a look and don’t hold back is the website.

We are a DTC art business, making our own jewelry and wall décor (our main product lines) from original designs we create. We do all of the production in house after sourcing our wood and gemstone materials. Our main sources of marketing for the past 7 1/2 years have been In-person marketing at music festivals and smaller events/fairs, and IG/FB (which have not been performing nearly as well as they used to for us in both followers and engagement).

Neither myself or my business partner are particularly experienced or adept when it comes to online sales. We have done decent for ourselves but need to step certain things up and don't really know where to start. My website, being the portal through which we generate the majority of our online sales, is a source of frustration for me with a low conversion rate despite knowing that the quality of our work and the uniqueness of our product for our price points is a solid value offering.

One of my main concerns is offering too many options to our customers to the point of 'Choice Overload' . We have continuously added designs as we've built up our brand and artwork portfolio over our artist careers. We have always prided ourselves on offering customizable products that allow people to choose a design, wood type options and a huge variety of gemstones to set into each design.

I've gotten a range of feedback on the site, from it being a great showcase of our designs and talents, to it feeling outdated and needing a complete redesign. I'm now asking for your opinion

We've hired out SOME work into SEO over the years but not consistently and I don't really know which metrics to look at to see if we're in a good position or potentially have things we could do better.

Anyway, that's the backstory. What do you think?

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