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I'm wondering if anyone has a good solution to sizing differences between countries, and how to phrase it to customers? I'm importing products (of concern here is clothing) from foreign countries – mostly China – and selling into a western market. The products come from the manufacturer already given labels like "XL", "S", "2XL" ect. But they are no where near what we'd expect in western sizes by that name. Essentially, a "Large" on the product from China, would equate to a "M" in EU/AU sizes, and closer to a "S" in US sizes. I have sizing charts with correct measurements posted and a note to "check sizes as they run smaller than normal", but many customers don't do that and I'm getting a number of returns to swap out sizing as a result.

Does anyone have a good way of phrasing size differences that customers will pay attention to, without a giant "These are Chinese imports" note? I think everyone knows their stuff originates in China, but customers tend to get turned off by red flags (pun intended) about the products coming from China. Should I just name my sizes something like "US Small, EU/AU Medium, Asian Large")? And then just note that they ship in Asian size names? Just trying to figure out how to phrase things better to reduce customers getting the wrong size, or ordering an EU Small, but getting a product labeled "Medium"

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