Opinion: Prestashop is so much better than Woocommerce

For building a typical online shop for a small business.

I have a lot of experience using both. One is designed and optimized for building basic websites and blogs, with capacity for other things (like an online shop) as a secondary feature, and the other is designed and optimized for building online shops and only online shops; big difference.

Try to prove me wrong…

Prestashop has less free plugins, but has many included features by default that you barely need to add any plugins usually. You install it and you have almost everything there set up for you already. And multi-language is included and so easy to manage.The only downside it has, is it's harder to customize visual design, but I think for an online shop is secondary

WordPress+woocommerce on the other hand you need to install so many plugins and do so much stuff before you can get your shop running, doesn't even have a multi-language functionality by default which is ridiculous (I think clearly the worst aspect of WordPress altogether), and doesn't have a brands functionality by default wich is ridiculous aswell. Recommended to also install an advanced members plugin, and the list goes on and on.

Edit: oh and don't get me started on the speed of both. A Ferrari vs a slow cheap car.

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