Would you sell something more than $80 being inexperienced in the field?

I launched 2 stores in the past which made no sales. Now I am planning to launch 3rd one but I want to sharpen my skills in copywriting and marketing before I launch because that's what I think made my previous stores fail. I came across a product a few days ago while I was working on improving my copywriting. Its a unique product and has high demand because people in the comments were going crazy in comments asking where they can find it as it's already out of stock on Amazon which is the only place its available but the only problem with that is it a bit expensive some people in the comments were mad about the price in comments but many felt it was worth it for the unique design. I want to launch the same product while I learn copywriting. What you all would do in my situation please drop your suggestions. And do you all think the expensive price can be a problem as I have to work more on convincing people?

Thank you

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