Best order management tool for us?

My wife owns a medical practice that is doing well. Now we are starting an e-commerce business for the practice’s target audience – pregnant women.

I appreciate y’all’s advice on which tools to use for order management.

Our situation is as follows:

– Experience with WooCommerce and able to custom-build our own (although I envision a standard webshop doesn’t require too much customization, also we’re not married to WC, open to recommendations that include a different webshop software)

– +/- 250 SKU’s and aiming for +/- 50 orders p/day, scaling to 10x should be painless either within the same system or when moving to another system

– Sales through webshop and 1 physical location, possible 2 more

– Business located in Germany

– Budget for OMS monthly $100-200

My main concern for the business is order management / inventory / fulfilment; I want to setup a system that handles this smoothly and is ready for growth. I have a complete blank sheet starting this, so why not start out the best way possible.

I like what Brightpearl and look like, although those seem overkill for us? Also they look pricey but I haven’t asked for a quote yet, anyone knows about their pricing?

Appreciate your advice

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