How To Spoof Your Location On Tiktok For Geo-Targeting

Organic TikTok dropshipping is an excellent method for monetizing your e-commerce websites. This will enable dropshippers to operate on huge profit margins. According to Statista, the United States has the world's highest TikTok audience as of January 2022. The social networking platform has around 136.5 million active US members. Indonesia came in second with 99 million, Brazil came in third with 74 million, and Russia came in third with over 50 million registered users.

Imagine you are from Europe and you want to target people from America; this can be difficult to do because of the algorithm. For this, we have the solution: target every country you want.

Here is a guide for you guys on how to target organic users from every Tier 1 country with geotargeting.

Step One: On iPhone and Android, go to Settings > Location Services > TikTok and turn off "Access My Current Location."

Step Two: Clear cache in the Tiktok app (tap Profile in the bottom > right tap the 3-line icon in the top right > tap Settings and Privacy > tap Clear cache) and delete the app.

Step Three: Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app to change your IP address.

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Step Four: Buy a subscription for a VPN, Download the provider's app and switch your location to the US.

Step Five: Download Tiktok and make an account using an American sim card: TikTok uses your SIM region code to determine what you see, so switching to a foreign SIM card will change your location and allow you to access content specific to that region. It is also critical to turn off the GPS feature on your mobile device to avoid being tracked.

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Simply just search for: Tiktok when you are for on the services section > rent a number > fill in the number when creating the account and see what the verification code is on the website

Step Six: Post viral content and enjoy an US targeted audience.

How does TikTok know where you are?

TikTok uses your SIM card, IP address, and GPS to track your location. You are prompted to enter your phone number as soon as you sign up for TikTok. They hope to avoid fake accounts and scammers by doing so. Also, in some versions of the software, if you add a location tag to a post, your location is automatically tracked.

Pro-tip: for non-native speaking english countries; changing your language on TikTok to access other region content could speed-up the process and success rate after finishing all the steps.

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