How can I start an ecommerce store in Canada as non-resident

Hi all! I have a question on the legal aspects for opening an e-commerce in Canada.

I recently moved to Canada from Ukraine and I’m trying to find ways of starting a business here. My plan is to organise production in Ukraine (which will be a company itself in Ukraine as well) and export it to Canada (selling mostly on a website in the beginning). The problem I’m facing right now are taxes/registration.

Am I supposed to register a company for this? If so, are there any ways to do it without having an address (I am renting an apartment and can’t use this address for business, as stated in the contract)? Could someone recommend a good resource to research the tax payments as a business in Canada?

I have tried looking for the answers myself, but got nowhere because different sources just point to something completely different. I am on CUAET visitor visa and working in a company that is willing to help me with recommendation to apply for PR next year, if this is even important.

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