Testing UGC ad on TikTok going to our homepage of viral-type product, concerned with conversions

Hi all, so testing tiktok for the first time with UGC, 2 ads: one with a girl and the other with a guy. Results so far:

  • $50 / daily ad spend
  • 3 days in
  • TT pixel installed and functioning on site
  • Girl CTR: 0.27 (3k impressions) / Guy CTR: 0.38 (13k impressions)
  • 1 conversion, according to Shopify sessions: Added to Cart 4% / Converted 1%

Currently, we are debating if we should go directly to a product page or if just link to homepage, note we have multiple designs. Most TT users are clicking our "Clover" design. Please, if you have a moment, check out our Shopify site for any feedback:


  1. Is the site conversion ready?
  2. Should we go direct to a product page?
  3. Price too high?
  4. Anything missing?

Not sure if it matters for this topic, but product is patented. Thanks!

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